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Gurez Holiday Packages 2023

Kashmir's Gurez Valley is one of the least visited and most unusual travel destinations in the country. It is a location with exceptional visual beauty that does not receive nearly as much attention as it should. You won't find anything like the vistas and the unadulterated magnificence of the mountains like this anywhere else.

Typically, Srinagar, Gulmarg, Sonmarg , and Pahalgam are the first four sites that come to mind when discussing a trip to Kashmir. Even Srinagar only serves as a starting point to visit the other three locations.
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The best offbeat trip in India is the Gurez Valley tour. Gurez Valley is regarded as the greatest unusual place to visit in India. This scenic valley, which is located near the border and at the far end of Kashmir, is the most tranquil and charming place in all of India.

Valley of Gurez Kashmir will take you to another mood. You will be surrounded by nature, culture, architecture, and the thrill of the journey here. Here, you'll witness a distinct world. Distinct languages are spoken by members of a different tribe known as the Shina. The homes are made of logs and mud and are extremely basic. Additionally, there are untouched mountain peaks, meadows, and other forms of natural beauty.

Gurez Valley is renowned for border tourism as well. The control line will be visible to you. Just a few metres away from Pakistan is where the water that you will see flowing in the river originates. It dances down to India before making a second entrance into Pakistan. Gurez has a road, a mountain, and a river stream directly across from it, where you can observe the settlement of Pakistani communities.

Acme Gurez Vacations The Gurez valley vacation package in India combines views, nature hikes, action-packed excursions, and the convenience of lodging and amenities. We provide everything from camping to hotel stays, hiking to nature walks, border crossings to rafting and kayaking. We provide all of this for the best price.

Where in Kashmir is the Gurez Valley?

The Bandipora district of the Kashmir area contains Gurez Valley. About 123 kilometres separate this valley from Srinagar city. The route to Gurez Valley runs through valleys, meadows, mountain passes, and the well-known Wular Lake, which makes for a pleasant trip. One must traverse the well-known Razdan Pass, which is located 3540 metres above sea level, in order to get to Gurez Valley.

On the other side, the Gurez valley connects to Pakistan's Gilgit valley. Due to the significant snowfall that closes Razdan Pass, it remains closed throughout the winter. Gruez Valley is only accessible from the rest of the nation via Razdan Pass.

From Srinagar, how do you get to Gurez Valley?

By taking a straight cab from Srinagar to Gurez Valley, you may go. You may also take a shared cab, but you would need to switch cabs because there isn't one that goes straight to Gurez.

When to go to Gurez Valley is best

Summer is the ideal season to visit Gruez Valley. During the winter, this valley was inaccessible and stayed closed. Its passes and lower parts are covered in snow. As a result, the roads are closed and it gets quite cold. However, the only way to travel to Gurez in the winter is by helicopter service.

The ideal summer travel seasons are July, August, and September. The valley is beautiful during these months, with a verdant environment and snow-capped mountains. The temperature is nice.

Famous locations in the Gurez Valley

The top tourist destinations in Gurez Valley are listed below.

Habba Khatoon Mountain

Gurez's favourite attraction is definitely this. This magnificent peak has the name of Kashmir's most famous romantic poetess, Habba Khatoon. Pyramid-shaped mountain is known as Habba Khatoon. Its base is covered with lovely meadows, and the shimmering river stream flowing in the background.

Gurez, a Dawar settlement, can be seen from Habba Khatoon Peak. This mountain's amazing attribute is how breathtakingly golden and beautiful it appears at sunset. People pitch their camp here to observe the sunset and the tranquil surroundings.

Chakwali Gurez

Gurez's historical and traditional home is Chakwali. It was a section of an old trade route that ran from Kashmir to China. On the Indian side, it is the last settlement. He is totally eccentric and unaffected by contemporary impressions. You'll experience an entirely different atmosphere thanks to the serene surroundings. Traditional homes made of mud and wood with age-old shapes and styles are where the locals reside.

Chorwan Gurez

A little town called Chorwan Gurez may be found not far from Dawar. The village is being built as part of a border tourist strategy. The community is situated in an idyllic setting of heavenly peacefulness. This village must be visited from Dawar.

Tulial Valley

Gurez contains a tiny, lovely valley called Tulian valley. Through Vishansar and Zajbal Pass, this valley is joined to the Gangabal Mountains. The valley is a breathtakingly gorgeous location that is ideal for hikers and adventure seekers. This is a must-see location on any Gurez Valley trip itinerary.

Activities in the Gurez Valley

Anyone wishing for a tranquil vacation apart from the rush of tourists ought to visit Gurez Valley. It's for someone who wants to have a holiday in the midst of unspoiled environment. Everything you do in Gurez is tied to the outdoors. The following are some of the things you can do in Gurez.


The first draw of Gurez is camping. There are places to camp throughout the valley. The area boasts the most beautiful, lush grass next to clear, flowing streams. Anywhere in this valley is a suitable location to pause and set up camp.


You can bring your fishing rod and spend time here since camping and fishing are both very popular activities. There are several different fish in the Kishanganga river. Fishing in the pristine river here in Gurez will give you the experience of a lifetime.


There are short, tall, and long mountains all around and all across the Gurez valley. You may stroll along some stunning trekking paths. While camping at Gurez, you can enjoy several of the trails as short day hikes. Longer treks like those via the Gangabal and Vishansar valleys can get you to mainland Kashmir.


Off-road cycling lovers should visit Gurez. On your bikes, you can travel to its remote locations along the border. The rocky, bumpy terrain will offer you the true rush of off-road bicycling.

Gurez Valley Weather

The summer months are the most comfortable in Gurez Valley. The daytime high in the summer is 25 degrees. Additionally, the nighttime low is about 20 degrees. It continues to see subzero temperatures in the winter.

Gurez Festival

The Gurez Valley Festival is an annual festival that the government and military hold to promote tourism. Typically, the Gurez Valley Festival lasts three days. It showcases regional talent. It exudes the festival vibe of the entire local community's commotion. Events like trekking, mountaineering, off-road biking, etc. are planned.

You will witness a lot of events going on here if your Gurez Valley tour package occurs during the Gurez Festival.

Tulail Village In Gurez
3 Night 4 Days Amazi.... 3 Night 4 Days Amazing Gurez Holiday Package
4 Night & 5 Days l Package
Gurez (Hotel) 3 Nights





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Gurez Couple Package
Gurez Honeymoon... 4 night 5 days Gurez Honeymoon Package
4 Night & 5 Days l Package
Srinagar(Hotel) 1 Nights.. + Gurez (Hotel)3N






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Gurez Family Package
Gurez Family Pac... 6 Night 7 Days Gurez with Kashmir Family Package
6 Night & 7 Days l Package
Srinagar(Hotel) 3 Nights.. + Gurez(Hotel) 3





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Majestic Gurez .... ... Majestic Gurez Valley Package 5 Night 6 Days
5 Night & 6 Days l Package
Srinagar(Hotel) 2 Nights.. + Gurez 3 nights





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Kashmir With Gurez.. Kashmir With Gurez 9 Nights 10 Days
9 Night & 10 Days l Package
Srinagar(Hotel) 3 Nights.. + Gurez 3 nights l Pahalgam 2 nights l Gulmarg 1 Night





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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many days are enough for Gurez trip? A: You can plan your trip for 5-6 days. 3-4 days itinerary is also available to help you plan your Gurez trip Q. Does Tourists Required Pass for visiting Gurez Valley A: You do not need a permit to visit Gurez Valley If you are an Indian citizen, you can enter Gurez Valley without a permit. Foreign nationals must obtain a permit from the District Commissioner's office in Bandipora or Srinagar. You cannot enter Gurez without a permit; you will be turned away at the first checkpoint itself. Q. Which is the best month for Gurez Trip? A:Although You Can Visit Gurez Valley from 1st May To Ending October But we strongly recommend you to visit in the month of June and July to see the natural beauty of Gurez