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Hotels in Gulmarg Kashmir

Gulmarg is one of the country's top hill resorts due to its legendary beauty, prime position, and closeness to Srinagar. Shepherds originally called it "Gaurimary," but Sultan Yusuf Shah gave it its current name in the 16th century after being moved by the sight of its grassy slopes covered in wild flowers.Today Gulmarg is not just a stunning mountain resort; at 2,650 metres above sea level, it contains the highest green golf course in the world and serves as the nation's top ski destination in the winter. The drive to Gulmarg is half the magic of arriving there; straight lanes of poplar-lined roads give way to flat vistas of rice fields scattered with charming settlements. The climb to Gulmarg starts over fir-covered hillsides after Tangmarg. Travelers frequently stop their cars for a short while at a spot called simply View Point to take in the spectacular sight of snow-covered mountains that are practically touching them. In Gulmarg, there are numerous hotels.Hotels in Gulmarg-Best hotels in kashmir

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