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Hotels in Doodpathri Kashmir

Doodhpathri, which can be found in the Budgam district, is yet another recently created gorgeous location of the Paradise Kashmir. The area, which means "valley of milk" in literal terms, is a lovely resort with meadows that resemble carpets. It is 42 kilometres away from Srinagar. The term "Doodhpathri" comes from the region's abundance in milk production. Additionally, it's thought that the reason this region is called DoodhPathri is because the cows that graze there produce a lot of milk.

The only choice of accommodation at Doodhpathri is the JKTDC resort. They have 2 wooden cottages and a few igloo-shaped huts that you can choose from.

Hotels in Doodhpathri

Other than the JKTDC resort, there are no other hotels or guesthouses near the meadow. The nearest hotel is located at a distance of about 3 kilometers near the Doodhpathri entry point.

As you drive from Khan Sahib, you will reach a large junction type area with a lot of restaurants and a few hotels.

But in my opinion, staying there does not make any sense. You either stay in Doodhpathri or you just return to Srinagar after making it a day trip. Hotels in Doodpathri,Acme kashmir travels

Cost of Accommodation in Doodhpathri

Surprisingly, the price for the Igloo huts was Rs. 2500 per night, even though they were smaller, and for the wooden cottages, it was Rs. 2000, even though they were bigger and better.

The caretaker can arrange food for you if you wished to eat there. It did feel a little overpriced but that is the case with food anywhere in Kashmir anyway. It is all a little on the expensive side, even in the simplest of restaurants.

Hotels In Doodpathri

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